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Rowdy Labs LLC is a consulting and product development company located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Specialing in small to medium sized projects, all source code is provided upon payment for all product development.

Hourly and fixed fee contractual arrangements are available to meet a wide variety of customer needs. Straight talk and forthrightedness for all customers is the norm at Rowdy Labs. Get detailed estimates you can trust and expertise you can rely upon.

Doing a software project once, with all business needs and risks on the table, is much less expensive and risky then taking a shot at what appears to be a less expensive offer. Rowdy Labs is a company that can do that, and can partner with you to get your need fixed where you need and when you need it, doing what you need.

Questions, comments or other inquiries, please contact:
Michael Langford
404-647-4643 Phone
888-264-2021 Fax